Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our "Annie"


Things have been busy around the Reed house. Mostly outside of the Reed house. We are just coming off a week of take-out food every night for the dotters.
I'm so sorry dotters.

You know it is bad when your kids say, can we just eat at home? Nat and I put in an 80 plus hours last week working on Utah Regional Ballet's production of Peter Pan. It was truly a miracle that we pulled off such a complicated ballet in one week...and yes we did fly Peter. Nat built some beautiful masks for the Lagoon scene. As soon as I get pictures I will share.

With all the craziness of last week, Bronwyn had a photo shoot for the Annie poster. As some of you know she was double cast as one of the Annie's in a production that I am directing. (Last week I had my choreographer work the cast to clean all the dance numbers while I was away at Peter Pan.) I thought I would share the cute poster.

My number #1 dotter is doing a terrific job and I hope those of you in Utah will come see the show. She performs on April 23, 25, 30, May 2, 7, 9, 14. Go to the SCERA web page for ticket information. The other Annie, is so darling as well and doing a great job. The cast is fun and my orphans are so good. I'm not sure I mentioned this, but I had 175 girls audition for the show and we cast 19 orphans. It was hard! This area is known for their abundance of talent especially singing and dancing.

Our little Brooklyn (Dotter #2) is an orphan and doing a fabulous job as well. She is such a great dancer and has a good strong singing voice as well. Nat has a cameo as a sound effects man at the top of Act 2 and Bella (Dotter #3) is going to be in the end of NYC. So this is definitely a family affair.

I love that my family and I can share this creative and fun experience together.


patula10 said...

Very cute poster, who knew Bronwyn would be so cute as a redhead!! Your life sounds so complicated, and yet you manage to involve your children in so much of what you do! What a great, great Mom!!

Happy Holmes said...

Amazing! I would LOVE to come see Bronwyn in her lead musical debut! The poster is too cute!

You will have to let me know if the family is going on any particular night. I would be so willing to travel to see such a cool performance!

Briana said...

Saw your crowns at the Beehive Bazaar and totally fell in love with your work! It's so funny that you are directing Annie, my son's kindergarten teacher is in it! Small world! I'd love to follow your blog, but can't find the "follow" button. Am I completely missing it somewhere? I'd love to have you follow my blog as well, if you like what you see over there. ;)

Have an amazing day!!

Briana said...

Sorry, forgot to leave the url. LOL