Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Sock Monkey....and Fall

So this year's most inspired costume goes to Dotter #1. She wanted to be a sock monkey. Go here and you will see how much see likes them. October is a really hard month for me and time, so I looked online to buy a costume. I could not spend the money they wanted, so I told her we had to do something else.

Coming to the rescue was our beloved costume designer friend Kelsey. She whipped that costume out in a day for her, and all because she is a good friend and loves Bronwyn....and Bronwyn loves her. Thanks Kelsey for the cutest costume ever.....also a big thanks to Seaver (her husband) who helped cut it out.

So here it is:

We found the red furry clogs at a yard sale!

I love Fall, we had some snow last week but it has melted on the ground and is just on the mountains. We got back that beautiful crisp, sunny Fall day. I am taking a photography class and was practicing....the results below.

Oh Fall why can't you stay?


Tina said...

Cute little monkey you have there. Have fun in photo class. I want to take one to learn photo shop. But I love the photos of the autumn vignettes...are those of your home? If so, wow - absolutely beautiful.

nice talking to you again ...

Ally Remund said...

They have sock monkey slippers at Target and I thought of Bronwyn:)