Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back to School Feast

The girls started school on Wednesday August 25 so we had our Back to School Feast on Monday night. Does anyone else think that when you have children time seems to move at warp speed? Bronwyn started 5th grade, Brooklyn 2nd grade and Bella in her last year of pre-school. I still remember my sweet girls, dressing them in pink and the happiness we felt at just being together. A trip to the park was adventurous and when we went shopping it was blissful, no one asking for anything. Kids grow up, times change. I am am full blown into tweendom and on the verge of the teenage years. Things are different. They definitely want to dress themselves and pink is not seen so much. They want to be with friends all the time, parks are ok on occasion but they would probably rather do something else and don't even get me started on the shopping.......So why am I going on do you say? Because our Back to School Feast reminds me of those simpler times. The girls still love doing it, still get excited and still love to be with just us. I cherish these times, even as I see them slip more away. It makes me realize how important our time is together, how we need to eat dinner together every night and how one night together can still be magical.

Here's to the new school year. Let's make it a creative one!

Ingredients for a Successful Back to School Feast

1. Their favorite foods. This year we had fried chicken and salad. I always get a fun dessert and my girls love donuts!
2. Decorate the dining area. I don't mean you have to go crazy, but I try to make something special each year. This year I made a floating centerpiece with birds, and a quote I love about birds.

3. Make something special to commemorate the occasion. I always make crowns. At the beginning of dinner I crown them an official 5th grader, 2nd grader, etc.. I also made them a special notebook that they loved.

4. Talk about the upcoming year, this year I let them take the birds from the centerpiece and write some goals down. We also talk about rules and expectations (especially about grades and reading.)

5. We add a spiritual aspect to our dinner, and Nat give's them each a father's blessing. This is always a special time for our family.
Some pictures:


Heather Richardson said...

Your girls always look so completely happy and its no surprise why! They have awesome parents and a charmed life - you are doing a great job! I love looking at your girls and seeing both you and Nat in their faces.

Wonderful feast!

The McEwans said...

I so love that you do this every year! It is my goal to start this next year. The girls look darling in their crowns!

Tina said...

WOwo - what a great tradition...Love the crowns...are they made of paper??? your girls are adorable...hope life is allowing you time to get crafty...

take care