Friday, January 15, 2010

Artful Thursdays Project #1

One of my favorite quotes.

This year I have really wanted to step up my artistic adventures. I have always admired Julie Collings whose blog is the adventures of bluegirlxo. Go take a look at her blog here. Her aethsetic is really wonderful and I feel a certain kinship with her art and the projects that she posts. And she loves VINTAGE! I have decided to join her for Artful Thursdays. She posts a project that she works on every Thursday and she has a blog list of others who post Thursday projects. I might be a day late but this is my project this week.

Every year I like to put together an inspiration journal. It's a place where I put clippings, projects, pictures, basically anything that inspires me. So this is my Inspiration Journal for this year. I pulled out from my vintage stash as well as some new supplies I had bought recently.

Some of my stash: My jar full of trim, ribbon, etc. both new and vintage, vintage silk flowers I pulled from an old hat, mod podge, blank sketch book(that I got on sale) and some paper and doodads from Melody Ross's new scrapbook line. (I love it! Very retro.)
Here is the blank book before the embellishments:
I loved the silk vintage flower I had, but wanted to give it a little more oomph. I put some vintage pattern pieces behind it and added some vintage blue silk bias tape I had.
The final product: I added trim, A Melody Ross vintage figure, a vintage button, vintage green french silk ribbon, Melody Ross clips and one of my favorite quotes about being creative.
I decided to organize myself and made tabs for the book. My tabs include: decorating, crafts, outdoor life, cooking, party ideas and theatre projects.
I was really happy with how this turned out my 10 year old daughter has begged me to make her one too. Can't wait to start filling my new journal.

Do you have a someplace to collect inspiration?
Happy Creating!


danniey said...

You are so awesome. If I had the desire of my heart, it would be to have a day where I can work on some crafts with you and be inspired by your amazing aesthetic. I love it!

Leah Florence said...

You are so talented!! and Nat's puppets are incredible! You both are so creative and amazing!...hey Hank and I are coming to Utah next week and wanted to stop by and say hi, do have any time between Jan. 24 to the 31st? let me know!

Tina said...

hi there - I am participating this year too in Artful Thursday - this is a great idea. I think I may have to give this idea a try...can't wait to see what else you have planned for Thursday. If you have a chance visit me at

happy creating

Pretty Things said...

I love it!