Thursday, January 28, 2010

Artful Thursday-A week of gifts

I've been busy this week working on my little book for Julie's swap. I have never made anything this small and was a little nervous that it would look awful. Her instructions are fabulous and I had a really fun time making it. I will definitely make more. I plan on getting them in the mail on Friday, to be to her next week. Are you ever nervous about this? It's like when you first meet people, and you feel slightly anxious, you hope they think you are fun, interesting, dare I say cool? You want to be liked. I feel that way about my little books I'm sending off. :) Hopefully, my swap friends will find them fun, interesting and cool. Here is a pic of my supplies for the little book. I think you might be able to guess my theme. I couldn't help it, I'm a romantic.

I titled this post, a week of gifts because I needed to make gifts for those special people in my life. First off, another crown. My sweet niece Madeline turned 5 and Aunt Jen had to make a crown for her. I meant to get a pic of her in it, but forgot the camera. Here's a pic for you to see:

Secondly, tonight Dotter #2 (who is in the first grade) informed me that her teacher's birthday is tomorrow and can we make a gift for her? Now her first grade teacher is an angel. We love her but thanks for the notice honey! I put my craft cap on and came up with this. It was serendipity! We think it turned out cute and Dotter #2 is very happy to take it to school tomorrow.
I just happened to have a pickle jar that I was going to wash and fill with something. It had a fun interesting shape. I also just happened to buy some chocolate covered pretzels at Costco today. I just happened to have a vinyl label that said Pretzels lying around. Like I said SERENDIPITY!

We decided the pretzels needed to a little oomph and got out the pink chocolate.
We cut out a top out of some fun vintage looking paper. It also had a little girl on it which we liked. We adhered the vinyl label and glued ric rack around the lid.

Lastly, we decided it needed what I call a "junk bow". We just take scraps of fabric, ribbon, lace, pom poms whatever scraps we have lying around. We tie them together and add a cute vintage rhinestone button. We also attach elastic so the bow can slip off easily when you open the jar.
The finished product ready to be given with smiles and hugs to her beloved teacher. And the best thing? She wanted to make something handmade for her. She knows the value of handmade...

even in the first grade.

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Tina said...

oh yeah - loving this idea - this would be great to give to teachers.

thanks for the idea - love the pink chocolate can't go wrong with that.

Elise said...

Wow - that is a lot of creating!! Well done, at the last minute and all - on the pretzels! So darn cute. I am doing a book also - not quite done with it though. . .

Lisa Russell said...

These all look wonderful! My daughter and I made pretzels like that at Halloween for her classmates. Very yummy!

Pam Aries said...

THat is sweet! It sounds like you are having so much fun making the gifts..I a mgoing to g ocheck out the little books!

~~Carol~~ said...

Love the crown, those pretzels, and especially that pretzel jar! That lid is so cute!
Happy Monday!

Pretty Things said...

All the teachers just have to LOVE you!