Friday, November 14, 2008

FALL.....and family pictures

I love this time of year. Some of my favorite colors (orange especially) are abundant and in all their glory during the fall season. The air is crisp and winter is just around the corner. I always love to get pictures done this time of year. We met a friend up here in Traverse Mountain who does wonderful photos and we have used her the last couple of years. Of course having 3 girls I like to coordinate some pretty cute outfits. This year I was inspired to make these cute flower hats. I love hats myself and use to collect quite a few vintage ones. Luckily the girls like to wear hats too! We shot these pictures at a old mill in American Fork that has been turned into an antique store. It was such a fun location and I had many ideas of different shots that I wanted to do. Unfortunately the girls (and Nat) did not want to stay the many hours I would have.:) Oh Well!! I think we were quite successful considering we had a 3 year old among us. The photographer is Robin King, and I highly recommend her. We got a few Christmas card worthy shots. Have you ever seen cuter girls?

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