Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chairs and other stuff

If you are a junker like I am, you usually are a collector. Your collection will evolve and change over the years. I've had phases of certain things, but then I've sold them. I used to love pink pottery and would buy it if the price is right, but I've moved on from that. However there are some things that I still love and collect and have been for years. One of them is chairs. I know that's a tough thing to collect, but alas that is my fate. It just means I have a really full garage, and I'm constantly rotating them in and out of my house. I love chairs! I also love vintage children's chairs.

Lucky for you I've decided to put my chair collection to good use. Here is a sampling of chairs available to rent at my vintage rental business.

Another thing that I've loved and collected for years is vintage dishes. I love it all...fiesta, pyrex, hull, lusterware, melamac, you name it. I also have a cute vintage syrup dispenser collection and juice glasses like you wouldn't believe.

I personally love going into a home of a collector. You can tell a lot about a person from the items they surround themselves with. What do you like to collect?


Kayla Roussel said...

Do you have contact info? I would love to email you about some of the things you sell/collect!


Jennifer said...

Hi Kayla, you can email me at 3dotter@gmail.com

Jennifer said...

Sorry that's 3dotters@gmail.com

Pollyanna said...

Looks like you are getting an awesome collection of goodies ... Love it!!

Zoe said...

Hi Jennifer, it's Zoe from Ruby Market. I wanted to see if you were still interested in coming tonight. I was also wanted to offer you a discount- $25 instead of $40. We would just love to craft with you and get to know you better. I thought it would be better to post here then instagram. You can email us at shoprubymarket@Gmail.com If you can't make it we totally understand. We just wanted to double check. Thanks! Zoe