Thursday, September 27, 2012

3 Dotters Vintage Rentals

I've been really busy as usual, but there is one thing that has been taking up time that I am really excited to share about.

I am a lover of all things vintage. I also love planning parties and events. You can see some of my past parties here and here. I've had a pretty varied creative life so far. I work full time in theatre and you would think that would be enough creativity for one person, but NO I have found that I have always needed to nurture all creative aspects I am into.

I have always loved to craft and have had various business's: I did a fairy costume business with my mom, then I went out on my own. I had a business making a lot of custom crowns and jewelry using vintage materials. Vintage is the key. I have always loved searching in piles of junk for that elusive treasure. I am partners in a very successful flea market (FLEAOLOGY) that has grown tremendously in the last two years. VINTAGE has become my passion.

A year or so ago I had an idea to open a vintage rental business. I talked with my husband and friends and everyone said it was a great idea. I have let many people borrow my vintage finds for their own events and thought it could be a really fun business. Time went by and I got caught up with life's other projects, but this idea was always in the back of my mind.

My husband brought it up again and with his help we have decided to go for it!! We rented a storage space, got the garage organized and we are in business! I have a dear friend who is an amazing photographer who is helping with pictures of my inventory.


We have a facebook page (3 dotters Vintage rentals) and I would love for you to LIKE us!  I am hoping to have our website up in the next few months.

I am so excited to be doing this business and to share my love of all things vintage with people. I really think vintage items can add such a flair to a party or event and make it truly unique.

I'm posting some of the items we have and pictures from a recent photo shoot.

If you want to see me searching out these great vintage items follow me (3 Dotters) on INSTAGRAM.


caThiE said...

I'm SO thrilled for you and Nat as you start your dream business. I can't help but think it's going to take off and soar! hugs, cat

Little Chicks Info said...

Yea baby! Glad to be one of your customers!!! I may need to add some of those adorable bud vases to my list! Thanks for being so willing to share your sweet finds!