Sunday, November 6, 2011

Things I.....

 In another life I would love to be a stylist for a magazine. So to satisfy my stylist cravings I use our living room to try design ideas. I played around with the "white wall" yesterday and was pretty happy with the results. It's a good mix of vintage and modern (at least for my taste.)

What do you think?

 My friend Cathie had this darling shoe shine box for sale and I had to snatch it up. I was looking for something to put at the front door so each dotter could keep a pair of shoes close at hand.
 I am getting so excited for Beehive Bazaar and have been busy. I am trying to replenish my party hats since they all sold at SPARK. I am making more for kids too.  Plan to check out the Bazaar the second weekend of December. Wonderful Christmas shopping.

Getting excited for the upcoming holiday season. Trying to figure out a new color palette.

What things are you loving lately?


abode said...

I am loving this post - every inch of it!

Pollyanna said...

I Love the Great White Wall, what a very fun arrangement! You did it again!!

Just a bed of roses said...

Nice to catch up on your life here at 3 dotters! Glad you got to spark and your back to creating. Hope you have amazing holidays with your cute family!

Marci said...

i love your style.:D
that red picture above your
and your party hats make me smile big.
so sorry i didn't get your message about going up north saturday.:( i would've gone!
we need to get together soon!