Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting ready for the Shows, a birthday and I turned 100

I love these vintage wooden girl clowns I picked up. I put this little vignette in my kitchen to remind me to always be grateful for my beautiful girls.

So today is special for many, many reasons............

First off it is my number one dotter's birthday today! She is 11 and I can hardly believe it. I really do believe that time goes by faster when you have children. I am so proud of her. She is so smart, talented and just fun to be around most of the time :) Below is one of my favorite pictures of her. Happy Birthday Bronwyn, love you so much!

Secondly, I just realized this my 100th post! It has taken me a few years to get here, but I am so grateful for this blog. It has really allowed me to document things that I normally wouldn't do. I just published my posts at the end of the year in book format and it has been fun for the dotter's and I to read through and look at pictures. Our own little family journal.

I want to do a GIVEAWAY for my 100th post, so look for details on the 101st post. I need to come up with something really cool.

So on to what is occupying my nights lately. In previous posts I have mentioned two upcoming events that I am really looking forward to. The first is FLEAOLOGY which is this Saturday, April 30.  I have been gathering my collectibles and handmade items for the show. It is going to be awesome. We have 16 vendors who will be there and I'm sure there is something you can find. Let's hope for good weather, and if it is a little cold as we say in theatre "the show must go on". Trust me it will be worth it. Go to our FLEAOLOGY blog for spotlights on the vendors.

I am also getting ready for the Beehive Bazaar which is mostly handcrafted items. That will start on Thursday, May 4 and run through Saturday May 6. It is at the Women's Center in Provo and is one of the best shows for handmade items. Come and visit my booth!
I can't stop with the crowns! I love making them so much....and who doesn't need a crown?
Just sweet lemon drops and lollipops in a jelly jar. A perfect gift!

So I've laid out my items to price. Can I tell you how much I hate this part of the job? I love to create, but to do the "business" part of it, it just makes me want to watch TV. (and I really don't watch a lot of TV!) I've created some new tags which has been easier. I want them to be cute but not take a lot of time, so I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

I better sign off, I need to go get things priced and tagged.
My tags just staring at me, waiting to be put on all those items you see above.

Hope to see you at Fleaology or Beehive Bazaar.

My sweet orphans made these for me on opening night of Annie. I love them so much! Better than real flowers! (and I do love the real flowers)
Also if you live in Utah, come see Bronwyn in Annie at the SCERA. She is in the title role and performs on Saturday and Monday nights!


Tina said...

Hi there - it was good to hear from you - thanks for leaving me a msg.

First of all, love the candy container idea...yowzers - FABulous, 2nd love the crowns and all the whimsy you are making...I wish I lived in Provo so I could see it in person. 3rd - your crowns are amazing.

Can I just say I love your style...the valentines day party decor - brilliant...your daughters rooms - GORGEOUS...

Keep up the great posts - I love to see your craftiness.

I'll be back soon.


caThiE said...

Hey Cutie, I've LOVED those clowns for a very long time - sooo glad they are living at your house now and that they represent your three lovely dotters! I always wanted to buy them but never had a real reason to. . . must be that it was because they were meant to be yours. And, I love the photo of Bronwyn, what a beautiful girl! And, I am stunned and amazed at how incredibly talented you are! Everything looks great for the show. . .

artworks_studio said...

I love reading your blog. It makes me wish I was more productive in my studio. I am still in love with your crowns!

Sarah said...

I'm coming to Annie May 14th!!! Can't wait. Your products look fab {as usual}.