Tuesday, August 26, 2008

OKLAHOMA-I can't get that dang song out of my head!

The Reed family has been busy working on Lehi City Arts Council production of Oklahoma. Nat designed the sets, Jennifer did set dressing and props and Bronwyn and Brooklyn are in the production. Bella has her hand in everything since she tags along with us to the theatre most every night. I sometimes wonder if she thinks home is the theatre. We are doing our production this year at Thanksgiving Point in the Barn which is the perfect venue for this show. It also is a more well known venue and is much more in the public eye. Thanksgiving Point has a lot of marketing tools that we have tried to take advantage of, ie. a big billboard, newsletter, etc. Once again Nat had outdid himself and built a beautiful set. Of course once again he lost many hours of sleep and did not have as much help as we had hoped, but he pulled it out of his magic theatre hat. This year the council splurged an hired a really great lighting designer who teaches at the University of Utah. I was skeptical and not sure it was a good use of the budget, however I was proven wrong. He lit the set wonderfully, and in a somewhat difficult space to light. The girls have really enjoyed being in the show and I think they have both been bitten by the theatre bug. This is the second show this summer for them both. Bronwyn had one of the leads in Suessical Jr. (I plan on posting about this eventually) and Brooklyn did a produciton called How Does Your Garden Grow? I had told the Arts Council I really couldn't help on the production since I just directed a show for them, however somehow I ended up doing props and set dressing. I also wanted to help Nat make his set look awesome! So this has been life for the last month. I am hoping that after labor day things will settle down, but we already have the next project lined up!

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